Your Best Day Yet

Make today your best day yet. Except for “lesson’s learned”, forget about yesterday, it’s gone; there is no “re-do”. Don’t live for tomorrow. It may not come. Today is the day that counts…right here…right now. Get up early with a smile on your face. You woke up today!


If you have a job, go do it graciously and be positive but skip the overtime. Spend that time taking steps toward your dreams instead of someone else’s. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. You have a life! Go live it!

If you don’t have to work, go help somebody who’s less fortunate. Go do something nice without getting caught…just because. Spend time with family and friends. Do something that makes you happy. And again…spend time taking steps toward your dreams. Stop procrastinating!

Put down that cell phone for a while! Turn off that TV! Step away from the computer. Facebook will be there when you get back. Read a book. Go out with family and friends. And when you’re with them, make it about them. Spend quality time. Show love. Show respect. Build relationships.

Let the people that are important in your life know it…today. Make this your best day yet.

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